Computer Network Design

Sussex County NJ

In a perfect world, networking would be as simple as plugging an ethernet cable from one computer into a giant world-wide switch, and letting them all talk to one another. In theory, that's basically what the Internet is. But in reality, there is a lot going on behind the scenes. Different protocols, technologies, and even SEVEN different layers of data. Networking is a complex thing!

Even if you've only got a handful of computers and a single wireless router, there are important things you can do from an efficiency and security standpoint, that SoHo device manufacturers don't necessarily tell you about up front, mainly because they don't want to have to support John Q. Everyman's desire to have a safe, efficient network. We call shenanigans on that.

Unlike many design and consultancy firms who may make you do a lot of the legwork yourself with pointless questionnaires, our technicians will arrive on-site at your location, observe your needs, and come up with a game plan. They'll focus on the following key areas of importance: